Lena Meyers is a young, ambitious reporter. She is currently finishing up veterinarian school at Cornell University while also hosting her own talk show, “Inside Talking.” After recently marrying the well-known El Jota Dinero, Lena’s life has just gotten busier.¬†Lena loves talking with people of interest and getting the real story behind everything. She is a the co-head reporter to Scott Brinkmann and believes that the two will make a great duo in the news reporting field.

Scott Brinkmann is a small town hotel owner who has recently gotten into the field of reporting on crime. The suspicious activity of some kind of organization meeting at his hotel has given him a broader interest in reporting on crime all around the country, specifically crime agencies. Lena already had a radio show so it was easy for them to get into the business and pair up to make a news agency. Together they will follow all kinds of different crime and report on the stories they follow. They report on the latest and greatest crime around!

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