Final Update

Well guys, it is officially finished. The case is closed!

Since the last update we have finally figured out Groom’s involvement with the Russians. They bribed him to transport drugs over the border. We know this because of a photo we received of Groom at the Mexico California border. We also received a letter that appears to be addressed to Novichkov Pavlovich from Groom stating that he wanted to get out of the deal they made because things were getting too dangerous. I discovered a letter telling us to abandon this case, but there was no way we were going to leave this case after how deep we had gotten into it.

After gathering all of our evidence in it’s entirety, we brought it to the police and received a warrant to arrest Bond. We got help from Groom and received the location where Bond’s deals usually occur along the border. So, we set up camp on the Mexico-California border and waited. Then, we finally saw a mysterious looking man approaching the spot. After getting a closer look at him with binoculars, we saw two small balloons on his jacket. This was our guy.

We moved in and arrested the man. We found drugs on him as well as a thick Russian accent. After questioning him, we convinced him to double-cross Bond in exchange for a shorter jail sentence. He then led us to Bond’s secret office, where we made the official arrest.

Bond was not expecting us at all. However, it all went down without a fight because of the fluidity of the procedures. We were quick and quiet so we didn’t cause a scene.

Bond is now officially behind bars and we have received intel that Novichkov Pavlovich has returned to Russia. Although we didn’t get him this time, we will still be tracking him closely to make sure he stays out of trouble and stays away from Groom.

As for Groom and Misha, we’re not sure what’s going to happen. We haven’t been able to find Misha for weeks. I’m not sure if she’s safe or not, but I really hope that one day her and Groom will be able to work this all out.

Thanks for staying plugged in with us throughout the case.


From Headline Crime, with love,

Lena Meyers

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