Lena’s Progress Report 2

Hello everyone! What a week it has been on this case. Here’s a quick wrap-up of what we’ve been doing over at Headline Crime.

This was a very shocking case to learn about. At first we did not know how to handle it and where to start. My mid-week report can be found at this link. The main gist of the mid-week is a storyline that Scott and I believe could be true. After making these initial guesses, it was time to start collecting evidence and proving things for sure (whether they be right or wrong).

Something that kicked our week off kind of strange was an envelope we got filled with money and a note. Scott wrote about it here. bonds note

The next piece of evidence we worked with was the notes that were given to us by Burtis to open our case. In both notes, there were some lines in Russian. We analyzed them using a translator and figured out what they said. It was very interesting! If you missed it, our results can be found at this link.

Another task I completed this week was trying to make our viewers and followers feel more attached to Headline Crime. I did this by giving you all some visuals about what we see from day-to-day. You can read my write-up on it here. Headline Crime Final

Another thing we did this week was create a “Wanted Poster” for the Russian man. Here’s Scott’s write-up about it. And here’s the actual poster: wanted poster

This next part was something big. Scott was looking through the photos and noticed some coincidences that seemed just a little too well-planned. He found the balloon symbol on the Russian man’s jacket while he was attacking Groom. The two balloons on his jacket look just like the one’s in the photo of the man and Groom taken before. You can read about this finding here. Here are the two photos for comparison:

balloon symbol balloons

Then, things got even crazier. The police found some balloons are Groom’s place of work and sent them to our lab to be tested. Here’s an audio clip about it. Scott analyzed the balloons and found that they had a fine powder inside of them. When he tested them, he found them to be drugs. Scott called me right after his discovery and I was shocked. However, not as shocked at what happened next. While Scott and I were on the phone, 2 people came up behind me and took me into an alley. You can read about how this all played out here.

I feel like we’ve got a lot figured out, but we still have so much more to go. Thanks for staying up-to-date with us!!


– Lena Meyers


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