Mid-Week Update

Hey gang, just another update for you all.

So, since my last update on Sunday, a few more things have been discovered. For instance, Scott figured out what the Russians have been up to with the balloons. The balloons contain drugs and this is what we assume they wanted Groom for.

groom at the border

Now that we know this information, both Scott and I are in danger. Whatever it’s really for, the Russians do not want us to know and since they attacked me on Sunday, I suppose that we’re hot on their tail.

Because the leader of the Russians is so dangerous, we decided to put out a wanted poster to warn people about him and to possibly gain some information on his location.

wanted poster

Also, after feeling threatened just by being on this case, the Russians took it a step further. They dropped an anonymous letter at the agency. Here’s what the letter had inside:

headline-crime-logo x outScreen Shot 2015-04-15 at 11.05.29 PM

Easy to say, Scott and I are pretty scared. Not just for our personal well-being, but also for that of our families and friends. However, fear will not stop us from getting to the bottom of this.

I believe our next goals should be finding out more about the Russian man in the photos, what exactly they are doing with the drugs, and why Groom needed to be involved.¬†Thanks for staying updated with us. Until next time…

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