Update Three: The Plot Is Coming Together

Since my last update we have figured out what the Russians have been up to with the balloons. The balloons contain drugs and this is what we assume they wanted Groom for. Because we know this information, the Russians are now on to us, and they even made an attack on Lena. Now we are both in a dangerous situation and must go undercover for the remainder of the investigation to protect ourselves. Because the leader of the Russians is so dangerous, we decided to put out a wanted poster to warn people about him and to possibly gain some information on his location. This investigation has now been taken to another level and we must be very careful of our every move. I believe our next goals should be finding out more about the Russian man in the photos, what exactly they are doing with the drugs, and why Groom needed to be involved. Stay tuned to hear more about our development on the case!

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